At Pro Guitar Tuition we believe that every player is an individual, and we take care to ensure you have the best possible tuition to guide you swiftly to success. All levels are welcome whether you have never played before or have many years of experience. Learn correctly with an experienced and qualified tutor.


Comfortable purpose built facilities to help you reach your goal. Lesson advice - where do i fit in?
Beginners Intermediate
Beginner's may already have some experience or have never played before. Expect patience and understanding every step of the way. Have you been playing for a while now and can strum a few chords / play some lead guitar riffs? Maybe you have taken grade 3 or 4 and are looking to move on.
Advanced Casual
Advanced players have at least a couple of years of playing under their belt, a good grasp of theory, rhythm and lead guitar including solo's and extensive chord knowledge. Maybe you have taken grade 5 or 6 and are looking to specialise? We can take you to the standard of grade 8 and beyond. For those who just want to play songs and are not interested in exams or theory, you are very welcome. We will cover the things you want to learn and you can have complete confidence knowing you will receive professional guidance along the way.

Professional Guitar Tuition for all ages and abilities. Reach your full potential

and strike a chord.


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